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About John Robert Jewelers

When John Robert Dattalo, Sr was a young boy, he would spend hours taking apart his mother’s watch and clock and putting them back together again to see how they worked. Being around people that loved to wear gold jewelry triggered his interest in this precious metal. It became his dream to one day be able to design his own jewelry and even open up his own jewelry store.

During the early ‘80s, John and his wife started a home business called “GIFTS FROM THE HEART” and sold gold and costume jewelry at home parties. Raising a family and working his way up to becoming a Kodak Sales Rep in California left him little time to learn more about the art of jewelry.

In the late ‘90s, John was laid off from Kodak. He was at a crossroad in his career --- should he accept an offer from Kodak’s rival FUJI Films or follow his heart and become a jeweler? John wisely (and bravely) chose the latter. He enrolled at Paul Revere of California and learnt jewelry repair and casting. He also began looking for a possible store front.

In 1998, John realized his dream as he was strolling down a mini mall in Concord, California. A store was closing and he was able to take over and establish JOHN ROBERT JEWELERS. Although the business was successful, he also wanted to be closer to his family. After moving back to Rochester, NY, John Robert Jewelers re-opened in 2007 at its present location in 4506 Culver Road.

John Robert Jewelers continues to strive to be a fun place to shop for everyone on your list. Do drop by and say hello! We’d love to help you find the perfect jewelry to mark your special occasions.